Harnessing the sun, wind and rain - a true story of self-sustainable design

From conception to operation

A story of off-grid sustainable development, Coulibri Ridge was designed from its inception as a long term research project in how to respectfully develop and operate a modern, resilient eco-resort: 


Dominica Geographic, Climate Edition


Conceived with the goal of achieving true sustainability, every aspect of the resort was carefully researched and implemented to minimize impact on the environment, from the off-grid alternative power technologies to the methods of harvesting pure rainwater, filtered on site, collected in large underground cisterns and delivered via energy efficient systems throughout the resort.


The shape and orientation of each building was calculated to achieve the best architectural integration while maximizing the solar production and rain water harvesting capabilities as well as to provide shared resource infrastructure for the resort.

Other salient details include the extensive hand cut stonework, which is the product of stones sourced solely on the property; the implementation of non-chlorine based sanitizing systems for all the pools; the custom design and commissioning of certified recycled teak furniture and kitchen cabinetry in all villas and suites, among others.