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Harnessing the sun, wind and rain - a true story of self-sustainable design

From conception to operation

Coulibri Ridge : Achieving Resilient Off-Grid Luxury

Coulibri Ridge : Achieving Resilient Off-Grid Luxury

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A story of off-grid sustainable development, Coulibri Ridge was designed from its inception as a long term research project in how to respectfully develop and operate a modern, resilient eco-resort: 


Dominica Geographic - Climate Edition


Why  is this Sustainable luxury?

Sustainable luxury is all about the constant, conscious choices we make to preserve rarity and beauty and to enjoy well-being without depleting resources.  By using creative design and harnessing local resources, sustainable luxury sets new standards of uniqueness, efficiency and quality.


For Coulibri Ridge, this meant that from its inception, every aspect of the resort was carefully researched and implemented to minimize impact on the environment: from the construction methods used and the off-grid, alternative power technologies selected to the ways of harvesting pure rainwater and the furniture and linens chosen for their lesser environmental footprint.

Sustainable luxury is also about respecting the labour and craftsmanship inherent to the goods and services we enjoy. Conscious choices concerning the operation of the resort, including the hiring of our friendly local staff and the preference given to organic, locally sourced ingredients and amenities, are ongoing.  The philosophy behind Coulibri Ridge and our wider community engagement through the two non-profit organizations we founded, the Humane Society of Dominica and REZDM, are at the heart of our commitment to Dominica and its long term sustainability goals.

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